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"Devlyn is an absolutely outstanding stylist in every way. Working with her has been an amazing life changing experience. I have more confidence and I get compliments on my outfits nearly every day. The clothes, shoes and accessories that she picked out look expensive but are super affordable. And she is so much fun to shop with. She created and photographed over 50 different outfits so getting ready has never been easier. I simply flip through the photos on my phone, find the look I want and go. I had such a wonderful experience that I also hired her to style my husband. My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner!"

- Shannon, Pacific Palisades

"Devlyn was wonderful! She came in to my home very prepared with energy to spare! She did my colors for me and spent three and a half hours going through my closet and putting together trendy outfits I didn't know my wardrobe was capable of. Thanks, Devlyn!"


- Sarah, Riverside

"Working with Devlyn exceeded my expectations. She's prompt, personable, and has a thorough understanding of current fashion and timeless principles. She'll get you out of your comfort zone and looking great in clothes you never thought you'd wear. But she's not pushy either, if you don't like something she doesn't give it a second thought. She works great with limitations -- I'm vegan, so I asked to purchase only products that were not derived from animals, so no leather, no wool, no silk, and no cashmere and she absolutely delivered.  I will be working with her on an ongoing basis. Great experience."


- Jeremy, Santa Monica

"Devlyn worked with me to overhaul my wardrobe. She used items I already had and showed me ways to make different outfits. It was really fun and worthwhile to see how I could get new looks from clothes I already owned. She also helped me sort through things that I really needed to get rid of. We plan to do a personal shopping trip soon."


- Wendy, Culver City


"Before meeting Devlyn I was a walking living wardrobe malfunction. I can only imagine what she had in her mind as she observed my fashion high crimes and misdemeanors for the first time. Yet she was positive and cheerful and gently walked me through what I desperately needed to know to change my personal and professional presentation. Her recommendations and guided shopping tour came in within my budget! My favorite quote of the day ... "Don't worry you can still use your old shoes for gardening!" My new wardrobe is being tailored at the moment (she even gave me tailoring tips I had never heard of before) but I am more than pleased. Fashion-challenged guys listen up ... you have no idea how deep you are in trouble until Devlyn helps you out!"

-Alan, Newport Beach

"Devlyn was amazing! Energetic, super talented, a good listener and fun to work with. In my closet consultation we determined the best colors for me, weeded out ill-fitting/outdated/poor color choices and then the fun began!!! The outfits she made from what was remaining were never anything I might have imaged, but beautiful and appropriate for me. I loved the experience and will work with Devlyn again and recommend her to my friends. "


- Andrea, Westlake Village

"Devlyn is an amazing Wardrobe Stylist. She is a talented fashionista who will make you feel comfortable with a smile and look good with a wave of her hand. Devlyn has an amazing grasp of fabrics, and styles that are great for casual, business, business-casual or whatever look you are shooting for. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a personal shopper for fashion and clothing, wardrobe stylist, and fashion consultant. You cannot go wrong with Devlyn."


- Jon, Santa Monica

"I have used Devlyn Gorby as a wardrobe consultant for some time and she always helps me put an outfit together that makes me feel more attractive and confident. She uses the color palette that suits me best and the styles that are most becoming for my figure type! She has an a outgoing personality and is very professional. I will continue to seek her advice because she always follows through and makes sure that I am pleased with the results."


- Sandra, Ventura

"Devlyn has a keen eye for styling a look that is suited for the specific individual down to the the smallest details! She can make anyone look amazing. She is fabulous at what she does and makes shopping fun! I highly recommend her for you to look your best for any occasion!"


- Marcilina, Aliso Viejo

"Shopping around today with Mrs. Devlyn Gorby was honestly the best time I've ever had shopping with anyone. Quite an amazing woman and she will have you laughing for the majority of the day. She has a great eye for fashion and you can tell that she genuinely loves what she does! Devlyn pieced together outfits that I never thought to try and you know what? They looked great on me! I was very pleased with her talent and will gladly refer her to my network of associates."


- Mia, North Hollywood

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