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Shannon is a professional photographer and busy mom.  Over 100 outfits were composed for her, during three separate closet appointments. 


Devanie is an East Coast attorney.  Using her extensive wardrobe, dozens of combinations were created for off-duty activities.

Closet Audit Costa Mesa

Giselle is a fine artist with a collection of interesting clothing pieces.  Over 30 unique combinations were created, for a variety of occasions.

outfits 4 website.jpg

Traci is a busy mom.  Her closet full of stylish clothes were remixed into 30+ outfits, providing her with a fresh new look.

outfits new.jpg

Erin is a successful entrepreneur.  Her existing pieces were used to make combos that included some neglected items, she had "nothing to go with".

outfits 4 website.jpg

Theresa works in finance.  Using her current clothing, 40+ outfits were composed for work and weekends.

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